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What is TreeHouse ClubHouse?

TreeHouse ClubHouse is one of Durham’s largest indoor playgrounds, with 10,000 square feet of fun for all ages, every day of the week.

Our unique, custom play space promotes social interaction, creativity, and physical fitness.

Here, your children can develop their imaginations through laughter and play in our hygienic, safe, and stimulating play environment.

Do I need to make an online appointment first?

Online reservations are required only on weekends, holidays, PA days, and during summer break. For a breakdown of the reservation schedule, please visit our website:

Can I make reservations over the phone?

All reservations must be made through our website:

What are your prices?

Our prices are the same for any day or time:

  • Infants = $8 (free if accompanied by an older sibling)
  • Ages 1 – 3 = $10 + HST
  • Ages 4 – 13 = $15 + HST
Do adults need to pay?

Each group will receive up to two free adult tickets.

Each additional adult with the group is charged $5.00 upon entry.

Do I need to come during a specific time slot?

We offer a selection of time slots; please plan your trip accordingly.

Each session lasts 1 hour and 45 minutes.

Time slots are as follows:o 9:00 a.m. – 10:45 a.m.

  • 11:00 a.m. – 12:45 p.m.
  • 1:00 p.m. – 2:45 p.m.
  • 3:00 p.m. – 4:45 p.m.
  • 5:00 p.m. – 6:45 p.m.
  • 7:00 p.m. – 8:45 p.m. (Only on Fridays and Saturdays)

Hours of operation are subject to change. Please always check the Google listing before you come.

Are adults allowed in the play structure?

Yes! Adults are welcome to accompany their children in the play structure.

Do you have different play sections for different age groups?

Yes, one section of the structure is designed for infants and toddlers.

The rest of the structure is suitable for ages four and up as well as supervised toddlers.

Can I celebrate my child’s birthday in the café?

We do not allow balloons, gift bags, and decorations in the common area. Please book a party room to celebrate birthdays.

Outside food, cake, and drinks are not allowed.

Can I book a group?

Yes! Please book online before bringing your group, and sign waivers for the children:

Accompanying adults with no children must each purchase an observer ticket.

We cannot issue refunds for any group members who are listed but don’t attend.

Can I cancel my online booking?

No, but you are welcome to reschedule your reservation 48 hours in advance.

Do children need to wear socks to play?

Yes, socks are mandatory for all guests.

Does TreeHouse sell socks?

Yes, you can purchase socks at the front desk.

Do you have a diaper changing table?

Yes, we have a diaper changing table in the family washroom.

Do you have a place where I can breastfeed?

You are welcome to use the family washroom. Or, if a party room happens to be free, you can use it to nurse your child.

Can I bring in my own food?

Outside food and drinks are not permitted inside the facility.

You may bring in a reusable water bottle and/or any baby food/formula.

Can I buy food and drinks there?

Yes! We have an assortment of food (pizza, chicken nuggets, fries, poutine, hot dogs, snacks) and drinks you can purchase at the cafe.

Do you have a water fountain?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a water fountain. However, please feel free to ask any staff member at the front to refill your water bottle, and they’ll gladly do so.

Can I bring a stroller inside?

Strollers are not allowed inside for spacing and hygiene reasons..

If you bring in a car seat, we can provide you with a car seat holder.

Can I film inside TreeHouse?

Yes, we allow you to film in the facility.

When filming, please be mindful and respectful of other guests and staff.

Does your staff supervise the playground?

At TreeHouse, safety is our top priority, so staff members roam through the structure to ensure everyone’s safety.

We still require adults to supervise their own children closely.

Can I leave and come back?

We kindly ask that you stay in the facility during your allotted time. If you leave, you will not be granted re-entry.

Can I drop off my children and leave?

We do not function as a daycare facility. Adults are required to stay with their children.

Each child must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who is at least 18 years old for the entirety of their stay.

Can I buy a gift card?

Yes! You can purchase gift cards on site or online at:

What is a waiver and why do I have to sign it?

The waiver is a consent form adults ages 18+ must sign before entry.

By signing it, guardians acknowledge the activities’ risks and agree to constantly supervise the children under their care during their time here.

If I signed a waiver for a previous visit, do I have to sign another one?

In our system, your waiver is good for approximately two years.

If you are a returning guest at TreeHouse within a two-year time frame, please provide your last name at the reception desk, so our staff can verify your waiver.

To streamline the front desk check-in process, please have the last name of the parent/guardian who signed the waiver ready.

What is a PIN? What if I signed a waiver in the past without a PIN?

When signing a waiver, customers must create their own four-digit PIN for security.

If you’re trying to add an individual to your waiver but haven’t created a PIN, when you try to sign in, simply click “Forgot my PIN” to override the process and successfully create your new PIN.

Can I sign the waiver onsite?

For a seamless check-in, we highly recommend you sign the waiver before you arrive.

If you’re hosting an event, ask each guest to complete an online liability waiver form prior to arrival, to save time during check-in.

How do I book my child’s birthday party?

To schedule a birthday party, please fill out an inquiry form at

The party-planning team will respond via email within 48 hours.

For party-related inquiries, please call (905) 420-7529 or email info@treehouseclubhouse.

What is your cancellation policy?

Deposits are non-refundable. In case of a last-minute rescheduling due to illness, you will need to collect the cake and platters, with the associated cost being deducted from the deposit.

Can I book a party over the phone?

We do not accept deposits over the phone, but you are welcome to drop by in person to book your party. Or, you can email us at info@treehouseclubhouse to secure your slot and pay the deposit via e-transfer.

For party-related inquiries, please call (905) 420-7529 or email info@treehouseclubhouse.

Can I book a party via email?

Yes! Please email info@treehouseclubhouse with your preferred date and package selection.

Can you hold a slot for me?

We can hold a party slot for you for 24 hours.

Can I reschedule my party?

You can reschedule with 4 weeks’ advance notice.

What party packages do you offer?

Our party packages are: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Private Event.

For a description of what each package offers, please visit the “Party Packages” page:

What happens if I want to change the size of my party?

You’re welcome to upgrade, but please be aware that upgrading to a larger package does not guarantee you a bigger party room, as it may have been booked before you upgraded.

Can I bring outside food or drinks in for a party?

We do not allow outside food or drinks for the Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum parties.

Can I bring in my own cake?

Outside cake is not allowed.

We include a cake in every party package.

If you would like to order a custom cake, please place your request at least 4 weeks before the party. Custom cakes are subject to availability.

What do your cakes look like? What sizes do you offer?

For a complete listing of our cake options, click here:

Depending on your package, you can get a one-quarter or a one-half slab cake in either vanilla or chocolate.

You may also substitute the cake for cupcakes.

We offer the following cake sizes:

  • One-quarter slab cake (13 x 9 inches; serves approximately 35 people.)
  • One-half slab cake (18 by 13 inches; serves approximately 45 people.)
  • Full slab cake (26 by 18 inches; serves approximately 90 people.)


What is edible print?

Edible print is an image printed on the cake using edible icing paper and edible ink.

You’re welcome to choose the image you’d like printed on the cake by submitting it during finalization.

The cost for this service is $20.

What does the cake look like without the edible print?

What is a custom cake?

A custom-order cake is when you request anything other than the slab cake included in the package. (Adding an edible print for $20 is not a custom order.)

A credit of $25 (for one-quarter slab) and $45 (for one-half slab) for the cake that would have been included in the package will be applied to the invoice.

If you wish to order and pay for a custom cake, please send us the following information for a quote:

  1.  A design or image
  2. Number of servings
  3.  Desired flavour
  4.  Guaranteed nut-free? [Price premium]
What partyware items are included in the package?

The package includes plates, napkins, cups, and cutlery.

We also provide solid-coloured, non-helium balloons.

What themes are available for a party?

Our packages don’t include any themed items. The partyware items will be matched in solid colours of your choice.

You can choose a themed picture to be printed on the cake for $20.

Do you provide extra or themed decorations?

We don’t provide extra or themed decorations, but you are welcome to bring decorations, balloons, tablecloths, and loot bags.

We do not allow confetti, birthday poppers, glitter, or sparklers.

When do I need to vacate the party room?

Please vacate the party room and facility at the party’s designated end time.

We ask that you take down all decorations 15 minutes prior to that time.

Can my guests and I stay in the facility longer if we’re outside the party room?

After the party is over, all guests, including the host, must exit the party room and the facility. No exceptions.

As the party host, you may purchase additional playtime outside the party room in advance, subject to availability.

When do I finalize my party?

We’ll send you an email about a week before your event, to finalize food and cake orders.

Advance notice is required for face-painting, custom cakes (not edible print), and character visits.

What is the process during my party?

As long as you follow the food, cake, and exit timelines, the rest of the party schedule is up to you

Party cleaners will enter your room(s) 15 minutes before the party ends and begin their procedure. Please gather and point out any items you don’t wish to have thrown away.

Do you offer food for adults?

Yes, we have numerous items on our website for party parents to explore.

All upgraded food item orders must be placed the week before the party date.

Please keep in mind that the food provided in our party packages is intended to feed the children only, so order extra accordingly for your adult guests.

You can find all food options on the “Food Menu” page: .

Does TreeHouse have any halal options?

TreeHouse does not have any halal options, but you can purchase meat-free items (i.e., cheese pizza, fruit platter, etc.).
Please review options at:

What are your vegan options?

Please access our food menu to browse all options and choose the items that fit your dietary needs.

We do have options such as fruit and vegetable platters:

You can order dairy-free pizza from Pizza Nova at your expense. Request during finalization.

You may also request dairy and egg-free cupcakes at $2.99 each.

What are your gluten-free options?

We have gluten-free cupcakes for your party upon request. Each cupcake is $3.99.

You may also order and pay for gluten-free pizza from Pizza Nova. Request during finalization.

Are all your desserts nut free?

Our dessert options are all made in a nut-aware facility, meaning we can’t verify with 100% confidence that the dessert has not been in contact with nuts.

That being said, we do offer guaranteed nut-free cupcakes as a party add-on option, for $2.99 each.

Where does the pizza come from?

Our pizza comes from Papa John’s.

You can access their allergen guide at:

Do you have entertainment options?

We offer face painting as well as character visits:

These options are subject to availability, so if you’re interested in either of them, please email us at least 4 weeks before your party date to maximize availability.

As the party hosts, how early can we come in?

Party parents, the birthday child, and any of the birthday child’s siblings will be permitted to enter their party room(s) 15 minutes before their official party start time.

How long do the parties last?

Birthday parties last for two hours.

Do you give a gift pass to the birthday child?


Do you offer play extensions after the party?

Cost for an hour of playtime after the party (without the room) is:

  • Bronze = $100
  • Silver = $150
  • Gold = $200
  • Platinum = $250

If you’d like to keep the room after the party ends, you will have to purchase two slots.

What is the capacity of each package?

Bronze package allows up to 10 children and 10 adults. An additional 5 guests (any combination of adults and children) are allowed at $5 and $15 respectively. If you exceed a guest list of 25, the package will be upgraded to Silver.

Silver package allows up to 15 children and 15 adults. An additional 5 guests (any combination of adults and children) are allowed at $5 and $15 respectively. If you exceed a guest list of 35, the package will be upgraded to Gold.

Gold package allows up to 20 children and 20 adults. An additional 10 guests (any combination of adults and children) are allowed at $5 and $15 respectively. If you exceed a guest list of 50, the package will be upgraded to Platinum.

Platinum package allows up to 30 children and 30 adults. An additional 10 guests (any combination of adults and children) are allowed at $5 and $15 respectively. If you exceed a guest list of 70, you will need to purchase a second package.

What if I have more adults than the package allows?

In the event that your guest list includes fewer children and more adults, as long as it remains within the specified capacity, there will be no additional charges for the extra adults.

What if I have more children than the package allows?

An extra fee of $15 per child will be applied until you reach the maximum capacity for children in your party and are upgraded to the next package.

How big are the tables in the party rooms?

The tables measures 31.5” W by 63” L.


The questions and answers provided below pertain solely to exclusive private events, where the facility is reserved for a single event. This information does not apply to any party package events.

What is a private event?

Private events are exclusive gatherings that are not open to the general public. For more information and descriptions of our private events, refer to the links below:

Can I bring a cake in for my private event?

Yes, as the facility is closed to the public.

Can I bring in outside food and drinks during a private event?

Yes, you are welcome to cater food and drinks for private events.

Can I serve alcohol during private events?

Yes! The special event permit for alcohol can be obtained at for $50.

You’ll need to purchase your alcohol on this permit and submit a copy to us.

You will also need to bring in partyware items required for alcohol.

We will provide a smart serve attendant at no charge.

What is the maximum capacity for a private event?

150 people

What is the duration of the event?

The duration of the event is 4 hours. You can purchase an additional hour for $400.

Does the package include food or drinks for the adults?

The package includes 8 large pizzas (pepperoni or cheese).

It also includes two types of beverages from the juice dispenser.

Both food and drinks are intended for the children, but you’re encouraged to bring in food and drinks for the adults.

Does the package include a cake?

Yes, our private event package includes a one-half slab cake in vanilla or chocolate.

Can any of the items included in the package be omitted or substituted?

The only two items that can be omitted for credit are pizza and cake.

A credit of $80 and $40 respectively will be applied to your invoice.

Does the package include decorations?

We provide 30 non-helium balloons.

We also include partyware items such as plates, napkins, and cutlery.

If you’re serving multiple dishes and require an unlimited supply of partyware items, we kindly ask you bring them.